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Sunday, March 11, 2012

More 1 Year Pictures!

I don't have a whole lot of new stuff to share on this post, but I have a lot more cute pictures from the girls birthday photo shoot that I wanted to share.  Otherwise, we are all doing good!  Ava has started walking when she feels like it and has taken up to 12 wobbly steps that I have counted.  Mya is walking on her knees, but that is as far up as she has gotten.  Lia is getting faster all the time with her crawling.  They are getting more vocal all the time...they babble and yell at each other constantly.  They are still eating good, sleeping good, and following a two nap a day schedule.  We have cut down to two bottles a day and are running to the end of our formula supply so when that is gone, we will be done with the formula.  In general, they are just happy, fairly well behaved girls!

Simone and Noa are doing great as well.  Simone is doing well in school and brings home mostly As with a few Bs every term.  Noa is doing good also.  He has his rough "behavior" days at school, but always follows it up with several weeks of great behavior before he has another bad day.  He starts soccer practice this week, so hopefully that will help use up a little of his pent up energy.

Well, here are the pictures.  Hopefully I will manage to get some walking videos to post soon as well!





One last thing, I got a new camera (yay!) and have been working on my photography skills so here are just a few more pictures :)

Matt & Audrey

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  1. YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS ARE TOP NOTCH!!! Tiffany from the Library