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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

24 Week Checkup - No News is Good News!

Well, at this rate these posts are going to get downright boring, but I am not complaining at all!  We did a quick ultrasound check of the babies who all looked to be sleeping so there was not much exciting to see there.  All of the heartrates were good and in the 140s.  It is starting to get more difficult to get good pictures of them because things are getting kind of crowded in there and they weren't being very photogenic today.  Also, my cervix remains unchanged and measuring in at 4.4 cm.

I did actually gain like 3 pounds this week which I wasn't too thrilled about, but I figure the babies alone probably gained almost a pound.  Plus, as pathetic as it sounds, I usually try to wear my most lightweight outfits to the doctor so as not to add any clothing weight to the total.  It was cold today, though, so i went ahead and layered up.  So I am blaming the other two pounds on that :)  My blood pressure was back up a little bit today also...143/93.  But, almost all of my blood pressures at home look good and there was no protein in my urine so it doesn't look like it is anything to worry about at this point.

Reaching 24 weeks is actually a pretty big milestone.  This is the point in a pregnancy where the chances of the babies surviving outside of the womb are greater than 50%, and the odds continue to improve dramatically every week.  Also, at this stage, I can be given steroid shots to improve the babies lung function if there are any signs of premature labor.  So, if the worst happened and the babies had to be delivered, they would still have a good chance.  The next goal is 28 weeks.  At that point, chances for survival are greater than 90% and the babies would have less of the complications associated with prematurity than they would if they were born before that point.

Bedrest continues to be boring and unproductive, but time has gone by much quicker than I thought it would.  I was actually surprised to realize I have already been off work for 3 weeks now.  My mom and sister came over this weekend to paint the nursery and I ordered border for it so hopefully we will get everything finished up in the next week or two and get one crib setup.  We're planning on putting them all in the same crib for the first month or two anyway, so as long as one crib is up I will feel pretty good about it.  I'll post pictures as soon as it is ready.

Well, back to the doctor next Tuesday.  Wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving weekend.  I for one am thankful this year for my uneventful doctor appointment and for the fact that my "modified" bedrest still allows me to go to other people's houses and lay on their couches while I eat my Thanksgiving feasts!

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