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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

28 Week checkup - Another (thankfully) Uneventful Visit

Well, another good doctor's visit today! Just a quick ultrasound to check heart rates.They were all in the 130 and 140 range which is a little lower than they usually are, but the girls were all pretty quiet this morning so that is probably why.  They may finally be getting kind of squished in there because they were all in the same position this week that they were last, which is the first time that has happened.  Also, my cervix measurement was back up to 4.5 cm this week so that is always a good sign that there will (hopefully) be no labor this week.

My blood pressure is still hanging in there as well at 130/82 and blood sugars are in normal range as well so no problems there.  Physically, I'm starting to feel a little wear and tear, but really it is not nearly as bad as I would have expected.  I'm starting to feel a lot more pressure and some achiness in my lower back, but nothing that is really troublesome.

So, 28 weeks is another big milestone.  Babies born at 28 weeks have a survival rate of 90-95%, but we are definitely not ready for that yet.  I'm setting the next short term goal for 32 weeks...after that point, I figure anything can happen!

Well, there is not much else to tell, so I guess that I will keep this short and sweet this week.  Hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas! 

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