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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

29 Week Checkup - Superstar Status:)

Once again, nothing but good news to report from today's visit!!  The kiddos are all looking good.  Their heart rates are all in the 130 and 140 range again.  For the third visit in a row, they are all in the same position, so  I guess that they are running out of room to scoot around.  Baby A (the lowest) is still breech, Baby B (on my left side) is still head down and Baby C (on my right side) is still more or less sideways.  So basically, all 3 of them literally have their heads put together right in the middle....already conspiring against me!  That leaves Baby A's feet free to kick my bladder, Baby B's feet shoved up under my rib cage and Baby C's feet constantly pushing out my right side.  Like I said, they are already in cahoots to make my life difficult...  We still have to wait 2 weeks for another growth scan, so we won't know how big they are getting until then.  Also, my cervix was measuring at almost 5 cm today which is unbelievably good at this point in the pregnancy.  The ultrasound tech came to the conclusion that these babies are in absolutely no hurry to make their grand entrance which is just fine by me!

Otherwise, my blood pressure was 134/82, so still an acceptable reading and my blood sugars have remained good for the most part.  Of course, it was Christmas this week so I had a few high sugar readings, but the doc said that they were awesome, all things considered.  It was at this point that he declared me to be his "superstar patient"!  I may not have a lot of talents in life, but apparently I am a Samoan triplet growing fool!  I'll take whatever compliments I can get at this point.  Of course, he then said that there was really no point in measuring my's large, so we'll just leave it at that.

He also pointed out that we are at the point now that any time anything feels weird, I need to come in and have it checked out.  So, any unusual cramps, back pains, etc at this point are a cause for concern.  Hopefully I don't get too paranoid trying to decipher unusual pains from the usual ones.  He has still given me the OK to continue my modified bedrest, but has encouraged me to start taking advantage of any handicapped  transportation available in the stores.  So basically, he wants me to start riding the motorized cart around Wal-Mart...that should be quite the sight.  Wade has been trying to get me to do this for weeks now, but I figured it was mostly so he could take pictures and make fun of me!

Well, 29 weeks and 2 days down.  Yes, I feel the need to include the 2 days because I figure that every day counts at this point.  We'll go back next Wednesday for 30 weeks (and 2 days) checkup, so hopefully there will be nothing else to report in the meantime.

Hope everyone has a Happy New year!  Have a New year's drink for is definitely going to be an interesting 2011!


  1. I am so glad to here all is well with all 3 babies and mommy. We all at work have been wondering how you are doing and this is a great way for all to see. I wish I could drink for you at New Years, but it will have to wait until April after Emillie is born. Happy Holidays girly!!

    Amanda Kunkelman

  2. Great !!! Tracy... Glad to hear you and your little girls 3 are well.

    Tiffany from MRRL