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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

30 Week Checkup - C-section Has Been Scheduled!!!!!!!

Today was an interesting dr. visit.  I didn't realize that we would start doing biophysical profiles on the babies every week from here on out.  This test is done during the ultrasound.  The babies are given a half hour of observation to make sure that they are performing certain actions.  If they do everything, they are given an 8/8.  They watch for the following things:

Amniotic fluid levels - there should be at least one pocket of amniotic fluid per baby - 2 points
Practice breathing - each baby must show 30 seconds of breathing movements with diaphram - 2 points
Body Movements - each baby must show at least 2 large body movements such as kicks or punches -2 points
Muscle Tone - arms and legs are usually flexed and head rests on chest (fetal position) - two or more flexes or extensions seen such as opening and closing of a hand - then a return to this position. - 2 points

Babies A and C both did everything they were supposed to and scored 8/8.  Baby B did not show the full 30 seconds of practice breathing within the 30 minute period, so she only scored 6/8 this time.  They did say that the babies are really just now starting breathing movements, so they are not worried about that yet.  At this point, they are more concerned with the body movements and fluid levels which were all fine.  In a couple of weeks they will be more concerned if any of the babies are not doing their practice breathing.  She did take a few breaths that we saw, she just didn't do it for the full 30 second period.  Hopefully next week she will show us what she can do. 

All of the babies were pretty active during the ultrasound and all of their heart rates were right around 145.  Baby A is still breech and Baby B is still head down.  Baby C moved a little bit this week and is now head down instead of transverse.  Another exciting thing we discovered today is that we were able to get a pretty close look at Babies A and C and it has been decided that they definitely have hair!  Baby B's head was hiding behind Baby A so we couldn't tell with her.  Also, we finally got a good face profile shot this week, but Baby A was the only one cooperating.

My cervix measurement was down a little bit to 3.8 cm, but still doing very well.  At some point it's bound to start shortening up anyway, so at this point they start being a little less concerned and will actually probably stop checking all together pretty soon.  Next week we will do another biophysical profile and a growth scan, so I am hoping that they will be well over 3 pounds each...3.5 pounds would be even better!

My blood pressure was great at 128/72, but my swelling is getting worse, causing me to gain 5 pounds this week, which is a little worrisome.  I think that this is what prompted the doc to decide to go ahead and schedule our C-section for Monday, Feb. 7th which will be exactly 35 weeks.  He did make it very clear, though, that I should not have the expectation of making it that long and that we could very well go anytime between now and then.  He said that if I start having any contractions at all that I should come in so that we can start the steroid shots to strengthen the babies lungs for delivery.  So, in a maximum of 33 days the girls will be here!

Not much else to tell from the past week.  We had an uneventful New Year's.  Wade had to work as usual and I only made it until 11:30, of course.  The kids (finally) went back to school yesterday.  It was nice to spend extra time with them, but I was ready for things to quiet down around here.  We did get a little bit of work done on the nursery, so I will leave you with a few pics of our progress.  Hope everyone has a good week!

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