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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Thursday, January 27, 2011

33 Week Checkup - Last Dr. Visit :)

So, it looks like this will most likely be my last post as an extremely pregnant woman.  Turns out, we'll be having babies next week instead of Feb. 7th, so my next post will be about babies and not just me for a change!  But, more on that later....

Today was probably one of the most stressful doctor's visits I have been to.  For almost all of our visits, we have been very lucky and gotten in almost immedately.  Even with ultrasounds, we are usually in and out in under an hour.  Today when we walked in, the waiting room was absolutely packed.  Still, we probably only waited about a half an hour before we got in, so it wasn't too bad.

And of course, once we got back to the ultrasound, these stubborn children wanted to do nothing once again.  I mean, they were painfully active on the car ride to Columbia and we get back to the room and all activity comes to an immediate halt.  Their heart rates were all good as usual and after about 20 minutes of inactivity they finally came to life just enough to get all of their movement and tone points.  We had our favorite ultrasound tech, Margaret, today.  So, Margaret tells us at this point that she is a little worried about the amount of fluid around Baby B...that it looks to be quite a bit less than what Baby A and Baby C have, so she wants the doctor to come back and take a look at it.  I guess this was probably the beginning of my escalating blood pressure for the day...

So the doctor comes back to take a look and says that the baby has enough fluid so that is not a problem.  Margaret then tells him that we haven't been able to get any practice breathing points for any of the babies today.  So, he watches a little bit longer and makes a comment that we may be having the babies sooner rather than later.  And the blood pressure goes up a little further....  Then all of a sudden Baby B takes like 3 or 4 breaths and he decides that is good enough.  Huh?  There's still 2 other babies in there that haven't done their breathing and none of them has completed a full 20 seconds like they are supposed to.  But, whatever, he is the expert.

Then, we get back to the exam room and the nurse asks me if the doctor has talked to me about the C-section date.  I tell her, yes, we scheduled it several weeks ago for February 7th.  She tells me she knows that is when we were going to do it, but that the doctor is now going to be out of town that week and that she has reminded him several times to discuss a different date with me, which he obviously hadn't done.  So, for some silly reason this is the date I have my heart set on, and now it is out the window.  Oh, by the way, now it's time to take my blood pressure.  Um, if you think that it might have been a little bit high at this point, then you would be correct.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 160/100.

Of course, that bought me a ticket to labor and delivery for the afternoon.  When I tried to bring up the C-section date before we headed over there, I was told to wait and see what the monitoring shows.  Fortunately, it was not quite the ordeal that it was a couple of weeks ago.  They got all of the babies hooked up to heart monitors and they took blood to run labs.  While I waited for the lab results, I had to lay flat on my back without moving for over an hour while they monitored the babies.  Talk about uncomfortable.  But, thankfully, all of the labs looked great and the babies were good, so they let me head home after a couple of hours.

So, once I got home, I immediately called the doctor's office to get the C-section date sorted out.  At first they told me that they would call me and let me know first thing in the morning.  Fortunately, I think that the nurse pushed the issue and called back almost immedately and asked how I felt about having babies on February 4th instead of February that is the new plan, just 8 days away!  While I want to keep the babies in as long as possible, I am really not comfortable with the possibility of going into labor while my doctor is out of town, so I think that February 4th is the best solution.  34 weeks and 4 days...can't ask for much better than that. 

Unless anything crazy happens between now and then, we will be welcoming Ava, Lia and Mya into the world next Friday.  As soon as I am up to it, I will update with details and pictures!


  1. That is such exciting news! I can't wait to see pictures! I will keep you guys in my prayers!

  2. We hope everything goes smoothly for you and the babies!!!! We will be thinking of you! Best of Luck!
    Angie and Andrew and the rest of our family