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Lilypie Premature Baby tickers

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

32 Week Checkup - Still Cooking

I'm happy to report that our 32 week checkup was significantly less eventful than last week's visit.  Since I have been behaving myself and staying in bed, my blood pressures have been great.  Even in the doctor office is wasn't too bad - 142/84 - which is much better than last week.  I was pretty nervous because the nurse at the hospital last week told me that if I had another bad blood pressure reading this week that they would send me right back to the hospital.  So I figured that statement alone would be enough to guarantee me a record high number, but thankfully that wasn't the case.  For good luck I decided to go completely prepared for any possibility this week.  I took everything to the doctor with me:  suitcase, laptop, pillows, even the diaper bag.  I guess my strategy worked!  I don't have to go back until Thursday next week...only 2 more visits until the big day...19 days and counting.

During the ultrasound, the babies decided to be less than cooperative today.   We listened to loud music all the way to Columbia and the babies were just bee-bopping away in there.  I guess they wore themselves out because they didn't do much of anything but lay there like bumps on a log through most of the biophysical profile.  Baby C did finally get a score of 8/8, only because she got the hiccups and that counted as practice breathing.  After a lot of pushing around on my stomach, we finally got everyone to move around enough to get most of their points, but neither Baby A nor Baby B did much of anything in the way of practice breathing so they each got 6/8.  Nobody seemed too concerned about it, so I guess I won't be worried about it either.  Everyone's heart rates were good.  Baby A and Baby B were around 135 and Baby C was a little higher at 156 because of her hiccups.  Also, we finaly quit doing the cervical measurements today.  I guess we are at the point where it doesn't really matter what the measurement is because they wouldn't take any steps to stop labor at this point that's one less thing I have to have done every week.

Well, I guess I am going to hunker down and enjoy the snow storm.  Hopefully we are good to go for another week.  I have had several requests to see the baby bump, so I have broken down and taken a picture for your entertainment...although I think the black may have a slimming effect ;-)

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