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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

31 Week Checkup - First Trip to the Hospital

So, I am currently stuck in the hospital for at least the night :(  My blood pressure had shot up a little bit today to 148/106 and they found some protein in my urine sample, so after my doctor's visit they sent me over to labor and delivery for testing and monitoring.  Twice today we have had all three babies on heart monitors for at least 20 minutes simultaneously (which is not an easy task) and they seem to be doing just fine.  All of the lab work and blood draws they took have come back normal and my blood pressure has been really good since I've been over here.  So, since the babies look good and my blood pressure has stabilized, it doesn't look like there will be any kind of rush to deliver the babies so that is the most important thing.  It doesn't necessarily mean that I will get to go home though.  We have to wait until tomorrow to get the results of some of the 24 hour tests to make that determination.  While the attending doctors (who are not my doctor, so won't be deciding) seem to think there is a chance that I could go home, my nurse has said that from her experience, she will be surprised if they end up sending me home since we are nearly full term for triplets...usually they end up staying.

They did go ahead and give me a couple of medications to give the babies a boost in case they would end up delivering early.  I had a steroid shot today and have to get another one tomorrow.  These help strengthen the babies lungs.  They are also giving me magnesium sulfate, and all I can say about that is that it sucks.  They start out with a large dose that more or less makes you feel like your skin is on fire for about a half an hour.  OK, that may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.  Now I am on a lower dose, but apparently it's pretty cold in the room from the way Wade is bundled up and I am still on the verge of sweating.  Anyway, the magnesium apparently has some neurological benefits for the babies if they are born early and has been shown to decrease the chances of issues such as cerebral palsy.

Well, other than all of that, everything is still looking fine.  We did a growth scan and biophysical profile on the babies this morning at the doctor's office.  All of the babies scored 8/8 on their profiles.  Also, all of the babies gained over a pound since the last growth scan.  So, at 31 weeks 2 days, here are their weights:

Baby A - 3 lbs 1 oz. - 14th percentile
Baby B - 3 lbs 7 oz. -  25th percentile
Baby C - 3 lbs 9 oz. - 31st percentile

It looks like Baby A is still a little bit of a runt, but she did put on about the same amount of weight as her sisters.  They are all a little lower in percentile than last month also, but that is not really unusual with a certain point their growth slows compared to singleton babies just because of the lack of room.

So, I am officially carrying around over 10 lbs. of baby now and boy am I feeling it!  My cervix was still measuring at over 3.5 cm and I am not having any regular contractions so it looks like they are content staying where they are for awhile hopefully.

Well, I will update tomorrow when I have a better idea of what the near future holds for us.  Let's hope that the update comes from home and not here!

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