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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

34 Weeks - Snowbound and Nervous

I wasn't going to add a post this week until the girls were born on Friday, but I figured that today's snowstorm deserved a mention for future reference.  Just to add a little last minute excitement to this rather uneventful pregnancy, we are in the middle of the biggest snowstorm of at least the past 15 years, just 3 days before the babies are scheduled to be born.  Anybody who has been to my house knows that the likelihood of even making it out of our driveway in nearly 2 feet of snow is slim to none.  Although Wade and his brother are out in the dark as we speak shoveling as much as they can just in case we have an emergency and need to get out tonight!  So, I am currently putting this uterus on lockdown until Friday.  Nothing is going to get out of here!  Of course, since the governor did declare a state of emergency, I figured that if absolutely necessary they can call in the national guard that is on standby to get me to the hospital :)  So, now we just have to make sure that we dig out before Friday because I am getting to that hospital, one way or another!
Over 20 inches of snow predicted for Jeff City

Blizzard Warning

Our back deck at about 4:30 - still hours of snow to come!

3 Hours of shoveling - As you can see, you can't even see the street because our driveway if such a nightmare...

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